John White is a business man, a sole proprietor and a wealthy man. He got married to Nina. But before he got married to Nina let’s talk about how they met each other. Nina is a beautiful young woman he met at a restaurant. Nina had helped him pay his bills for the food he ate at the restaurant after he had discovered he didn’t have any money in his pocket. ” Maybe I have lost my wallet while coming here or I left it at my shop”, he said. He and Nina exchanged the following dialogue.

John: Young lady why have you helped me although you didn’t know me.

Nina: It’s always good to help people; I learnt that from my mother.

John: Well that’s very good of you thank you. I am John, John white.

John brings out his hand to shake Nina.

Nina: I am Nina Sullivan.

They both shake hands, “it’s my pleasure meeting you and thank you once again for helping me out” said John.

They both walked out of the restaurant and part ways. After a week John met Nina again at that same restaurant. He recognized her and walked straight to where she was seated and greeted her. Nina right? He asked her. Yes Nina, she replied. Do you remember me? John asked her. Of course why won’t I remember you, you were that guy that I helped pay his bills the other time, the only thing I didn’t remember is your name Nina replied. John White, John replied.

They chatted and talked about their life and what each other do to earn a living and exchanged phone numbers. John told Nina that he is a business man while Nina said she is a business woman too (petty trader).   They became best of friends for about 3months and John later proposed to Nina. Nina never wanted to marry John simply because she feels John was a little bit too old for her.” I have to think about it and I will reply you later” said Nina.

While at home Nina started thinking “John is rich and I am not getting any younger this maybe my last opportunity so I have to utilize it. I have rejected so many suitors because I wanted a wealthy, young and handsome looking guy to marry me but John has two out of these three things still not my type of man but I will marry him”

She accepted John’s proposal and after which they got married.

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