Hello. I am Evaristus. It’s a pleasure to me you.

Thank you for your interest in me and my blog. Here is what I am all about.

My full name is Agudosi C. Evaristus. I am from Nigeria and I am 22 years old.
I am the last born in the family of 8 siblings and I am the most hilarious of them all.

I graduated from secondary school in the year 2014. When I was in secondary school,
reading and writing have always been my hobby.
I go online and read stuffs both those that matter and those that do not really matter.

After my secondary school, I went into web designing and graphic design added to the fact that I write stories during my leisure times. Presently I am an upcoming web designer and an amateur graphic designer (hoping to improve in this field). I am studying Computer Science at National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN).

I was looking for an old book some months back in my book shelf when I saw my most valuable book “Kalbe’s diary”. Kalbe is my nickname. I was given the name back then in the secondary school. “Kalbe’s diary” contains some of my short stories and many other important write-ups.

I have been designing website for some time but I didn’t have my own website until I came about my old “Kalbe’s diary”.

I decided to open a mere blog since I am only interested in sharing some of my write-ups so I came up with Premiergist. I share some of my leisure time stories through this platform as well as some other things that really helped me sometimes in the past and more.

Premiergist may not really be one of the best blogs you probably may have seen based on look but trust me; it is the content that counts not the look.

I work tirelessly to provide the best for my viewers because you people are one of the reasons I am doing this.

I hope I get maximum support from you guys, that way I will be encouraged that I am doing the right and appropriate thing. Thank you!