WordPress: Best 4 Plugins Every WordPress Dashboard Should Have.

WordPress has come to stay and as such, has been so advanced and easier to use. Thanks to plugins and the developers.

I have been using wordpress for a while now and as the day goes by, wordpress gets easier.

Today, I have put down 4 best wordpress plugins that you should get if you don’t have them or if you are about to start a website/blog.


1) WPBAKERY: Wpbakery was formerly known as Visual Composer. It is a plugin that will offer you full page building support.

Most wordpress plugins are free but Wpbakery is a premium plugin, meaning that you have to buy it from the developers.

2) SLIDER REVOLUTION: Most landing page top header slides you see on famous websites was designed with Revolution Slider.

This plugin offers full control over your slides. You can give images all sorts of animation using this plugin with many other beautiful features. Unfortunately revolution slider is a premium plugin so you have to pay to get it

3) YOAST SEO: Yoast seo is important for Search Engine Optimization. It will be useful after you must have finished building your website.
You use yoast to make your site posts rank higher in google search console and it is a free plugin. Some of its features are:

  • Internal linking suggestions
  • Preview of your page in Google
  • Preview of your page in social media
  • Readability check: increases the chances that people will read your post
  • Optimize for synonyms and related keywords

4) ACEIDE: ACEide plugin is not for beginners. It will only be useful to you if you are familiar with programming languages like CSS, HTML and PHP. It is used to edit codes that make up your website easily. It has other features like:

    • File Tree: Allowing you to access and edit any file in your wordpress content folder (plugins, themes, uploads etc)
    • Use the file browser to zip, unzip, download, rename and delete files.
    • Find and replace
    • Automatic backup of every file you edit.
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