BBNaija: 3 things that may cause death in the reality TV show.

BBNaija: 3 things that may cause death in the reality TV show.

BBNaija is a reality TV show in which house-mates/contestants are gathered and put in one building. The show lasts for a maximum of 3 months based on what I observed from the previous seasons. At the end of the show, the winner goes home with a whooping sum of money.

Below are 3 things that may cause death in the reality TV show.

  • The humongous increase in the amount of money to be won every season.
  • Interrelationship among opposite sexes.
  • Eviction

Humongous increase in amount to be won.

The drastic rise in the amount BBNaija offers to the winner will affect the show if care is not taken. Human beings, especially Nigerians, are so much in love with money to the extent that killing to make money is a piece of cake.

In a family, brother murders brother for money, if this is possible what do you think will happen in a group of people from different backgrounds competing for a prize worth 50 million naira or 60 million naira?

First BBNaija show was held 10years ago with the winner going home with a staggering sum of $100,000 which in 2008 exchange rate of 1 United States Dollar equals 120 Nigerian Naira, was 12,000,000.00 Nigerian Naira.

Second BBNaija show was held in 2017 with the winner going away with a sum of #25,000,000 added to this huge amount was a brand new SUV worth #12,000,000.

Third BBNaija show was held this year 2018. The winner went home  with a total of #25,000,000 cash prize, a brand new SUV, home appliances and a paid trip all amounting to #45,000,000.

These past seasons we have seen how the final amount of money the winners got had been increasing and it’s quite predictable that next season, BBNaija will increase the amount of money to be won to a range of 50-55 million naira or anything higher.

All the above mentioned amounts of money are just the final price for the winner. There are other cash prices and benefits which the contestants get as the show progresses.

For instance, every Fridays in the world of BBNaija, the remaining contestants engage in a game in which the individual with the lowest average time at the end of the show gets #1,000,000 added to the prizes they get whenever they carry out tasks from the supporters of BBNaija.

Every Saturday in the world of BBNaija, the remaining contestants go for party added to the fact they receive new outfits for the party every Saturday.

(If you happen to be among those that will contest in the show, don’t go with many clothes just carry empty bags. If you make it to the grand finale or at least quarter final, you are sure of going home with at least 9 or 10 new clothes).

The funniest part of this show is that the contestants are not there to do any work at all. BBNaija show accommodate people, feed them, cloth them and finally pay them.

BBNaija is a nice show to watch but the staggering amount the show gives out to the people who didn’t deserve it, is irritating and needs amendment.

If you look at the last concluded BBNaija show, the person that won the prize was probably the badass in that show yet; he made it to the grand finale and won. (This shows that people will like you when you are doing the wrong thing).

The popularity the show gives to the contestants is enough.

Interrelationship among opposite sexes.

For the fact that the show is for both sexes (gender), things may go wrong when two boys start fighting over a girl or two girls fighting over a boy.

For example, in the last concluded BBNaija show we saw how one of the house-mates by name K-Brule jumped down from the balcony just because one of the female contestants kissed another person instead of him.

Assuming he didn’t sprain ankle and wrist, that he fell on his head, by now BBNaija show would probably be a closed show.


If you have watched BBNaija show before you will agree with me that Sunday’s eviction gives high blood pressure.

When I first watched the show I almost got a heart attack because I thought the person I was supporting would be evicted after he was nominated for possible eviction.

Although I do not know the person and there is nothing I will get even if he won but it’s the same with the feeling you get when you are fan of a club and the club is playing final match of a competition.

It’s true that eviction is among things that make the show interesting to watch but people are weak. If the eviction night could raise the viewers’ blood pressure, what then do you think will happen to the people in the show?

If you already have a high blood pressure endeavor not to watch eviction night if you are a fan of one of the house-mates or even participate in the show unless you want to die before your time.

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