THE LOVE. Chapter5.

Josh! Josh! Somebody tapped Josh on the back to wake him up. Josh turned to see who it was. Mum it’s you said Josh. Yes it’s me said Josh’s mum. Josh I have something I have to tell you. Mum can’t it wait till day break because it’s 1:27 a.m. said Josh. Josh no! It can’t wait because it’s urgent. I will be travelling today with your step dad, we are going on a vacation and you know you can’t come with us because of your job she said. Josh didn’t have anything to say, he went back to sleep, his mum called him but he refused to answer her so she left his room. The day broke and Josh went to his mum “good morning mum, mum about what you told me earlier this morning, are you really going on that vacation with him and why didn’t you tell me since but that’s by the way. Josh said. Yes of course, is there a problem with that she asked Josh. No, not at all and it’s today right? Josh asked his mum. Yes it’s today,  she replied. May I ask where exactly are you going, I mean which town, country, state and how long are you going to stay there? Josh asked. We are going to Dubai but I don’t really know how long we are going to stay but we are going to stay really long. She replied. Okay then safe journey, let me go and get ready for work. They hugged each other and Josh left.

In his room, Josh said to himself “finally she is going but in as much as I try to hate my mum, I keep on loving her I don’t want her out of my sight although she doesn’t care for me but she is the only one I have now nevertheless, it’s just a vacation let her go and let me learn to be without her for a while. Now I will start my game afresh. Who is the opponent, Miss Sandra or sandy whatever. I will use her and dump her and do the same to any girl that comes my way. I will break their hearts into pieces let them feel what my dad felt as a result of what my mum did to him”. He prepared for work and left. Light fades.

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THE LOVE. Chapter3.

After John’s burial, Nina got remarried to one of his boyfriends and she took Josh with him. Josh became an adult under the care of another man who took Josh as his son, but Josh was never happy.

One day, Josh was sleeping his dad; John came to him in the dream and said only three words, avenge my death, and vanished. Immediately josh woke up and started thinking. Should I kill my mother just to please my Dad. No! I won’t do that I am not a murderer. He decided to stop thinking about it for a while then clock’s bell rang. It’s 6 o’clock in the morning. Josh jumped up from the bed, said his morning prayers and started preparing for work. At noon that day Josh went out to eat lunch, on his way to an eatery he ran into a young lady. The young lady’s book that she was carrying fell off and landed inside a nearby gutter. This caused the lady to rain insults on Josh asking him whether he’s blind or just deliberately ran into her. Josh apologized and helped her picked them up from the gutter. I’m Josh, Josh White, what is your name? Josh asked. I don’t have a name, the lady replied snatching her books from Josh’s hand and she walked away.

Josh didn’t take it personal until the next morning he woke up and everything that had happened between him and the young lady came new in his mind. He deliberated on it and said to himself. “Did she insult me that bad?” Oh! My gosh! And I did nothing Josh you’re such a jerk. He said to himself. Women are really ugly creature and I have to deal with them maybe by so doing I will avenge my father’s death. Obviously, if not for the way my mother had treated my father, he would probably still be alive. I know what to do. Clock’s bell rang. It’s 6 o’clock in the morning josh did his usual morning routine work and set off for work.

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THE LOVE. Chapter6.

Josh and Sandra now became best of friends. They hang out together, chat, eat and even sleep together. To cut it short they are now lovers. To josh this is a good start to achieving his goal. Josh thinking from all angles knew that he will definitely lose his job after he must have achieved what he wants,  so he started looking for job.

After 3 months of relationship with Sandy. Sandy now has a solid feeling for Josh and even brought up conversation one day how she would like to be Josh’s mother of unborn children. Josh knowing that he is not taking the relationship to another level changed the topic.

Josh’s objective is hit and run but it seems like Josh won’t do it because he had already got what he wanted, the only thing remaining is for him to call off the relationship but he couldn’t.

“Now that I have sandy’s heart, I want to break it but I can’t. Sandy has been showing me true love. A love I have only got from my beloved dad, a love that my so called mother wouldn’t even think of showing me. I can’t do this to her. She might die and if that happens, her blood will be on my head and I wouldn’t want that to happen. In fact let me tell myself the truth, I love her too. As he was still talking to himself somebody knocked the door. Who is that? Josh shouted. It’s me Sandy. Oh, I am coming. How are you Sandy? Josh asked. I’m fine and you my love? Sandy asked. Fine too, said Josh.

Sandy, I have a confession to make, said Josh. What is that my love, asked sandy.

Josh held Sandy’s cheeks kissed her and said to her “do you really love me?”

Oh! Baby of course I do love you more than you can ever imagine and I am willing to die loving you, Sandy said in a very loving voice. And why do you ask? She asked.

Sandy I never knew our relationship is going to go this far. Actually my objective was to use you and dump you when you needed me the most but you have showed me true love and I love you too so I couldn’t do it. I have seen that women are not ugly creature like I thought before now.

Sandy from the depth of my heart I want you to be my wife, will you marry me. Josh said kneeling with one knee. Sandra burst into tears immediately; she rushed outside and drove away in her car. Josh was disappointed and frustrated. He didn’t know what to do; after some minutes he entered his own car and followed Sandra.

While in the car driving josh felt like cursing himself badly. What have I done to myself? The only woman I have in my life now wants to leave me, no I can’t let that happen, he said to himself. On the process Josh not noticing that the traffic light had turned red for those coming from his direction and opposite direction, drove cross the junction, a trailer coming from the road with traffic light green hit his car. (To be continued).

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THE LOVE. (final chapter)

Everywhere turned dark for Josh before he passed out. He was rushed to nearest hospital around the place where he woke up after 5day coma. He woke up only to see that Sandra, his mum and his step dad were all present. “Yes I will marry you Josh, please get well for me. I didn’t mean for all of this to happen.  I left out of anger. I am sorry please forgive me”, Sandra said while holding Josh’s hand crying.

Josh’s mother moved to the other side of the bed held her son’s other hand and started crying too.

“My son I came as soon as I heard you had an accident. Please don’t leave me; you are everything that I have. I am sorry for not being there for you when you needed me, I am sorry for everything I did to your dad, every time I look at you I see my late husband. I hope he forgives me for I now regret ever treating him the way I did. Please son forgive me I will never leave you again and I promise to love you like a good mother but please don’t die” Josh’s mother lamented.

Son however your mother or I might have treated you please find it in your heart to forgive us for we were lost in darkness but now we have seen the light and we need family reunion, said his step dad.

Four months later Josh recovered and got discharged from the hospital. The next month he got married to Sandra. Josh, his mother, his step father and his wife all went to the graveyard where MR White was buried. Mrs. White apologized to his husband for everything she did to him, they dropped their flowers.

Mrs. White and her son hugged each other and she said to him. My child, tell me you have forgiven me right in front of your dad’s grave. I have forgiven you mum, I love you mum, I have forgiven you. Said Josh in tears. Immediately Josh’s wife and his step dad excused them and Mrs. White and her son bid the last goodbye to Mr. White saying “You will always be in our heart”

They all went home in harmony because to each and every one of them everything now appears new. Later that night while Josh was asleep his dad came to his dream and said to him “Thank you son you have avenged my death”

Josh and his newly married wife went for their honeymoon in Dubai and they lived happily ever after.



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THE LOVE. Chapter4

Josh is a very handsome young man not every lady will withstand his charming smile. He works in a big supermarket. The assistance manager, Miss Sandra Lane has been eyeing Josh ever since Josh started working in that supermarket. She has been sending Josh secret gifts and love letters tagged with the gift telling Josh how she feels about him, but Josh has been declining her requests. As it seems now it looks like Josh is going to play the ball since it is in his court.

That day Josh reached office and Sandra winked at him as usual, to her greatest surprise Josh winked back and even threw her a kiss in the thin air. That day became the happiest day in the life of Sandra because of a lifelong dream coming true. The next day she sent Josh a dinner request josh accepted, in the evening they found themselves drinking and chatting in a restaurant. A lot was going on in Josh’s mind as to how to play the game brilliantly. ‘I want to break your heart really pieces’. He thought to himself.

Now she has drank herself to stupor and is now talking under the influence of alcohol. “Josh, what took you so long to make this day come true? I love you and you know that but you kept on snubbing me all these while, why? She asked. You know what, forget it because it doesn’t matter now what matters is that you have accepted my request, she added. Josh smiled. Oh! You are killing me with that smile. Josh, please would you take me home I am exhausted, said Sandra. Okay, Miss Sandra my pleasure, said Josh. Josh I have told you to stop calling me Miss Sandra, she held Josh’s cheeks and whispered into his ear “call me Sandy” she immediately slumped. Josh got her up and took her to her house and light fades.

The next day Josh came to work expecting to see Miss Sandra happy about yesterday’s evening but the reverse was the case, this left Josh in a state of confusion. He had wanted to approach her to ask her the problem but he became afraid he might lose his job. “Has anybody offended her this early morning even if anybody has offended her, she should at least smile at me because I wasn’t the one that offended her besides, we really had a good evening yesterday” Josh thought to himself.

Later that evening when Josh was about to go home Miss Sandra called him via phone from office telling him to report to her office at once.

“I am going to lose my Job. What have I done to myself? I never should have accepted that dinner request in the first place, but it’s just dinner nothing else happened” he thought to himself as he climbs the staircase to Sandra’s office.

‘Good evening Miss Sandra ‘Josh greeted her. ‘Good evening Josh please sit down’ she replied.

‘Josh’. She called. Did you notice I wasn’t in good mood today? She asked. I noticed, Miss Sandra, Josh replied. Good, now what I need from you is the truth and nothing but the truth, she said. Truth about what? Josh asked in low tone.

What did you do to me last night? She asked. I took you home after you slumped at the restaurant because of excessive intake of alcohol. Josh replied.

Yes I noticed because I woke up at my house, but after you took me home what happened? She asked. Josh guessed at thin air  for a moment remembering that nothing happened replied. “Nothing happened, Miss Sandra, I went home almost immediately”. Are you sure nothing happened? Are you sure you didn’t do it. She gestured at Josh. It didn’t even come to my mind even if it did; I wouldn’t do that because it’s only a useless man that does such thing. Josh replied with a slightly high tone because he now feels uncomfortable.

Ok, I believe you Josh, Sandra said touching his cheeks. I hope you are not angry about the way I reacted, I am sorry.  She added. You are welcome said Josh. Both smiled at each other and it’s already 5:30 pm Josh went home happily knowing that it wasn’t a big deal contrary to what he had expected from Sandra. I still have my job, I like my job he said  while driving home and light fades.

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In a land in one time, babies are born with numbers on their chest starting from 1 to 10. Numbers from 7 to 10 are considered as the superior while 5 and 6 are middle class, 4 to 1 are the inferior and they have no voice in the community. Number 7’s only are military personnel. Matic is a very hard working man but he is being bullied a lot because he is 3. One day Matic was returning from farm, he was tired and thus decided to rest by the road side. Two boys who were 6’s walked passed Matic with Matic unaware because he was bending his neck such that his head rests on his knee for a perfect resting position. These two boys being troublesome turned and gave Matic a heavy beating that he almost fainted. Matic woke up later only to notice that he was on a bed, he looked around and it occurred to him that what he’s seeing was definitely not his own room. As he tried to get up from the bed he felt a severe pain all over his body then his memory flashed back to the scene where he incurred a massive beating. While he was still thinking, here comes a beautiful damsel coming towards him from the entrance with a bowl filled with water ‘How do you feel MR…’ “Matic” Matic replied immediately. ‘How did I get here?’ Matic asked.

The beautiful damsel told him how she saw him where he was lying helplessly and brought him home. Thank you MRS… ‘Matha’ the damsel replied.

It didn’t take many days before Matic recovered fully well. Matic later married Matha whose number is 4. Two years later Matha gave birth to a bouncing baby girl with number 0 (Zero), the second person to have number zero (0) during that time with a male child being the other one.

These two children were treated as an outcast until their adult age. The male child’s name was Binfie and the female child’s name was Unitie. Binfie later on went to prison for a crime he did not commit. In prison, Unitie never left him because she likes him and on the other hand, she only associates with him as both of them are zeros.

During Binfie’s stay in the prison he got Unitie pregnant. Unitie later gave birth to a boy with a very unique number (double zeros) ‘what do you expect when two zeros married each other’. On seeing the double zeros everybody bowed down because Matha gave birth to the unseen and unexpected. She gave birth to Infinity. Binfie was released from prison immediately and henceforth, they were respected and honored because they produced a king!

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