THE LOVE. Chapter5.

Josh! Josh! Somebody tapped Josh on the back to wake him up. Josh turned to see who it was. Mum it’s you said Josh. Yes it’s me said Josh’s mum. Josh I have something I have to tell you. Mum can’t it wait till day break because it’s 1:27 a.m. said Josh. Josh no! It can’t wait because it’s urgent. I will be travelling today with your step dad, we are going on a vacation and you know you can’t come with us because of your job she said. Josh didn’t have anything to say, he went back to sleep,…continue reading →

THE LOVE. Chapter3.

After John’s burial, Nina got remarried to one of his boyfriends and she took Josh with him. Josh became an adult under the care of another man who took Josh as his son, but Josh was never happy. One day, Josh was sleeping his dad; John came to him in the dream and said only three words, avenge my death, and vanished. Immediately josh woke up and started thinking. Should I kill my mother just to please my Dad. No! I won’t do that I am not a murderer. He decided to stop thinking about it for a while then…continue reading →

THE LOVE. Chapter6.

Josh and Sandra now became best of friends. They hang out together, chat, eat and even sleep together. To cut it short they are now lovers. To josh this is a good start to achieving his goal. Josh thinking from all angles knew that he will definitely lose his job after he must have achieved what he wants,  so he started looking for job. After 3 months of relationship with Sandy. Sandy now has a solid feeling for Josh and even brought up conversation one day how she would like to be Josh’s mother of unborn children. Josh knowing that…continue reading →

THE LOVE. (final chapter)

Everywhere turned dark for Josh before he passed out. He was rushed to nearest hospital around the place where he woke up after 5day coma. He woke up only to see that Sandra, his mum and his step dad were all present. “Yes I will marry you Josh, please get well for me. I didn’t mean for all of this to happen.  I left out of anger. I am sorry please forgive me”, Sandra said while holding Josh’s hand crying. Josh’s mother moved to the other side of the bed held her son’s other hand and started crying too. “My…continue reading →
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