THE LOVE. (final chapter)

Everywhere turned dark for Josh before he passed out. He was rushed to nearest hospital around the place where he woke up after 5day coma. He woke up only to see that Sandra, his mum and his step dad were all present. “Yes I will marry you Josh, please get well for me. I didn’t mean for all of this to happen.  I left out of anger. I am sorry please forgive me”, Sandra said while holding Josh’s hand crying. Josh’s mother moved to the other side of the bed held her son’s other hand and started crying too. “My…continue reading →

THE LOVE. Chapter4

Josh is a very handsome young man not every lady will withstand his charming smile. He works in a big supermarket. The assistance manager, Miss Sandra Lane has been eyeing Josh ever since Josh started working in that supermarket. She has been sending Josh secret gifts and love letters tagged with the gift telling Josh how she feels about him, but Josh has been declining her requests. As it seems now it looks like Josh is going to play the ball since it is in his court. That day Josh reached office and Sandra winked at him as usual, to…continue reading →


In a land in one time, babies are born with numbers on their chest starting from 1 to 10. Numbers from 7 to 10 are considered as the superior while 5 and 6 are middle class, 4 to 1 are the inferior and they have no voice in the community. Number 7’s only are military personnel. Matic is a very hard working man but he is being bullied a lot because he is 3. One day Matic was returning from farm, he was tired and thus decided to rest by the road side. Two boys who were 6’s walked passed…continue reading →