THE LOVE. Chapter2

MR and MRS White were living fine as husband and wife. After a year Nina gave birth to a bouncing baby boy whom they named “Josh”. John was in his shop when he got a telephone call that the ship carrying his goods sank. This almost gave him heart attack but his wife consoled him telling him that the down fall of a man is never the end of his life.” I am your wife and it’s my responsibility to take care of you” Nina Said. John later decided to start afresh and build up his business again. Nina then…continue reading →

THE LOVE. Chapter1

John White is a business man, a sole proprietor and a wealthy man. He got married to Nina. But before he got married to Nina let’s talk about how they met each other. Nina is a beautiful young woman he met at a restaurant. Nina had helped him pay his bills for the food he ate at the restaurant after he had discovered he didn’t have any money in his pocket. ” Maybe I have lost my wallet while coming here or I left it at my shop”, he said. He and Nina exchanged the following dialogue. John: Young lady…continue reading →