Web-hosting:How to Get Free Domain Name Plus Web-hosting.

Web-hosting:How to Get Free Domain Name Plus Web-hosting.

Web-hosting and domain name are now easier to get with just few clicks. All thanks to Hostinger for the wonderful opportunity.

We have different categories of people. Some people would want to own a website but they are afraid to buy domain name and hosting plan either of one reason or the other while some other people would want to own a website but the money is not there at the moment to either buy a domain name or web-hosting plan.

Another category of people do not want to own a website at all. This message is for the first two categories of people.

If you want to have a website to actually work on before you raise money for the pro version, please follow the below simple steps and get one today!


  • Go to 000webhost.com
  • Click on “sign up for FREE” icon. (The page will scroll down automatically).
  • Click on “get for free” icon
  • Another page opens. Enter your Email, password and preferred name for your website
  • Click on “get free hosting” icon
  • Do the simple verification that you’re human and not a Robot
  • Don’t click on “manage website” yet
  • Log into your Gmail account and click on “Verify Now” in the message Hostinger sent to you.
  • Upon successful verification click “Manage website” from there.
  • Install WordPress from the page that comes up or you can build with Hostinger’s Website builder.


  1. Your website name is currently a sub-domain until you upgrade to premium plan. (It will be in this format; www.demo.000webhostapp.com)
  2. You will be given only 1GB disk space
  3. No Email service, No live support and No backup.

You can upgrade your website anytime you have the money or when you think your website is good enough to come out from shadows.

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