1. In ____ reaction, a conjugated diene is treated with an unsaturated compound called dienophile to yield a cyclic system. (A) Diels-Ader reaction (b) Wittig reaction (C) Wurz reaction (D) Kolbe electrolytic reaction. ANS: A
  2. The terminal alkynes on hydroboration give _____, (A) alkanes (B) alkenes (C) aldehydes (D) Ketones. ANS: C
  3. Reactions that lead to attachment of an alkyl to a molecualr fragment are called_____(A) Acylation reaction (B) Addition reaction (C) Nucleophilic reaction (D) Alkylation reaction. ANS: D
  4. ____ involves elimination of the halogen atom together with a hydrogen atom from an adjacent carbon atom. (A) Dehydrohalogenation (B) halogenation (C) hydrohalogenation (D) dihydrohalogenation. ANS: A
  5. Alkyl halides are converted into alkenes by _____ by treating with a strong base. (A) hydrogenation (B)dehydrogenation (C) alkylation (D) acylation. ANS: B
  6. Rapid decolouration of bromine solution serves as a test for the presence of the _____ in a compound. (A) C-C (B)C=C (C) C???C (D)C=O. ANS: B
  7. Pyrolysis of alkanes particularly where petroleum is concerned is known as____(A) Cracking (B)Refining (C)Fractional distillation (D) combustion. ANS: A
  8. When alkene reacts with borane, addition to the C=C takes place to yield organoborane a compound with a carbon-carbon bond, the reaction is known as____(A) hydrogenation (B)halogenation (C)hydroboration (D) hydrohalogenation. ANS: C
  9. In­­­____compounds the molecules are formed by sharing of electron pairs between the constituent atoms. (A) non-covalent (B)electrovalent (C)ionic (D)covalent. ANS: D
  10. Which of the compounds is sp^2 hybridized. (A)Alkene (B) alkanone (C)alkane (D)alkyne. ANS: A
  11. _____ compound has benzene ring with a methyl group at the position one. (A) Aniline (B)phenol (C)Toulene (D) anisole. ANS: C
  12. A benzene ring with $$ OCH_{3}$$ t position one, F at position two and $$CH_{3}$$ at position four is ____(A) 4-ethyl-2-fluorotoulene (B) 2-fluoro-4-ethyl toulene (C) 2-fluoro-4-ethylanisole (D) 4-ethyl-2-fluoroanisole. ANS: D
  13. A benzene ring with a methyl group at position one and nitro group at position three is___(A) o?^’nitrobenzene (B) p?^’nitroxylen (C) o?^’nitroaniline (D) p?^’nitrotoulene. ANS: D
  14. The name of this compound $$HO_{2}C?^’CO_{2}H$$ is ____ (A) ethanedioic acid (B) hexanedioic acid (C) propenoic acid (D) octadecanoic acid. ANS: A
  15. The decarboxylation of carboxylic acid yields which of the following compounds ____ (A) alkenes (B) alkanes (C) alkylhalides (D) alkynes. ANS: B
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