• Among the specialized scientific methods or languages for expressing information with data are the …. Number and counting system.
  • Ans: Decimal
  • The main goal of …… is to facilitate effective creation, computation and analysis, storage and retrieval, transfer and delivery of data.
  • Ans: Data management.
  • Information …. Provide the settings within which data and information management activities are performed
  • Ans: Systems.
  • Decimal number and counting system entails use of the digits 0, 1 …9, in various combinations to express….
  • Ans: Integers.
  • The …. System is important in computing because computers are designed to process, store and transmit data in the form of binary numbers and signals…
  • Ans: Binary
  • Data … activities involve the inflow of data to the system from other systems…
  • Ans: Input
  • All the following are classified as pictorial and graphic symbols except….
  • Ans: Wraps
  • Computer can store a vast quantity of data in very small media such as computer …. And disks.
  • Ans: Tapes
  • The act of writing is a data …. Process.
  • Ans: Recording
  • Rules, …. or styles of structure that guide how sentences can be strung together to form paragraphs
  • Ans: Conventions.
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