• You can generate menus for your application using the application———–.
  • Ans: Wizard
  • —— have been applied virtually all fields of human endeavor.
  • Ans: Computers
  • The Toolbox window does not contain any ——– tools.
  • Ans: Menu-creation
  • A robot is….
  • Ans: A computer controlled device
  • Microsoft application can be used for preparing slide shows, speeches, seminars, workshop, lectures etc.
  • Ans: PowerPoint
  • Apart from the use of computer as an …. Aid, it is also used in the execution of routine and administrative tasks such as the keeping of academic and administrative records on admissions, examinations, staffing and other routine functions.
  • Ans: Instructional aid.
  • In visual Basic Environment which of the following kinds of objects can appear in the project window… Ans: Class modules.
  • Tactical support systems deal with ….. and middle level management decisions.
  • Ans: Short run.
  • ……. Has become a universal tool of any modern man ( or woman).
  • Ans: Computer
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