All fingers are not equal so is everybody in the world. The world is balanced because we have the poor and the rich. Some people are poor because they choose to be poor while some people are rich because they choose to be rich.

Some people do not choose to be poor but they are poor while some people do not choose to be rich but they are rich.

Sometimes in the past I used to believe that not everybody is meant to be rich but I have come to realize that it’s not really true. For an individual in this world there are one million plus ways you will be poor and also there are one million plus ways you will be rich.

You are still poor because you are still following one of the one million plus ways you will be poor. Being rich does not necessarily mean you have to be like Bill gate, Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos, if you do not beg for food, cloth or shelter, believe me you are rich.

One of the problems people are facing today is that they want to be whom they are not either to please somebody or to be compared to another person.

When we were in primary schools, we used to say what we want to be in the future, during our late days in the secondary it appears like the dream is shattering. It is not true; whatever you want to be is never too late at any point in time as far as you are still alive.

There comes a time when you will see some of your classmates entering university then you started cursing yourself. Who told you that you have to go to the university before you can be somebody in life?

In fact majority of the most successful people in this world either dropped out from the university or they didn’t attend at all.

Nowadays, people think that going to the university is the ultimate guarantee to success. Education is power but education is never a guarantee to success just that it is one of the routes to success. Education without hard work yields nothing; in fact hard work is what makes you successful.

People like doing things because others are doing them, but they forget that one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Why not find what works for you? Whatever thing you are doing in this world as long as you are doing the right thing and also it’s your call, success must surely be yours. So, stop doing things because your friends are doing it if you know it’s not your call.

When you see that your mates are rich and you are not, do not panic just be doing the right thing, when success locates you, a month or a week is enough to be richer than them. Whenever you become rich all the days of your suffering will be forgotten.

Everybody’s life has a pattern, when you deviate from it and follow another person’s pattern, you will end up being disappointed and frustrated so find your pattern and follow it.

It’s never the will of nature for some people to be poor but so far we have “Yes” and “No”, “Male” and “Female” etc we must have “Poor” and “Rich”. In every twelve there must be Judas.

Some people ascribe their low standard of living to bad government but they forget that some people are feeding fine under that same government, this is so because the latter know exactly how to manage their time and resources effectively under the so called bad government.

Presently, people especially Nigerians are so ignorant and naïve that they think that when they are not progressing, it’s someone that is doing them. This is why pastors of present day cash in on their ignorance.

Majority of the present day pastors are either fake or practice diabolism but as far as he is making people rich or performing miracles, people will start crowding his church. To the pastors, this is their own artificial success pattern which won’t last.

Most of all, whatever thing you are doing in this world put God Almighty in charge of the spiritual realm. Some people debate about the existence of God Almighty, most especially some of the scientists. My own belief is that God exists and he keeps watch over us all the time. Put God first, work hard and he will bless your hustle.

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