Every parents number two priority is NOT training a child through school as far as Nigeria is concern. Of course we all know that every parents number ONE priority is training a child both morally and spiritually.

So, what is the number two priority?

Last two days I woke up healthy and strong. The sun rose very early, what a beautiful day! Unlike some other days I used to wake up feeling exhausted and lack interest of going to school.

I did my normal morning routine works and set off for lecture. After flying two or three bikes, I arrived at the school premises little did I know that my day which started beautifully was going to end in ugliness.

I entered the class for the first lecture which ended well, so was the second lecture. Then during our third lecture, our lecturer as part of the class discussion, joked that most of the proudest girls in our class didn’t have up to #500,000 in their bank account.

I was astonished when one girl raised her hand, because the lecturer asked and I quote “Raise your hand if you know that you have up to #500,000 in your bank account”. The girl even added that she has a staggering sum of 5 million Naira in the account which her father opened for her plus 1.5 million Naira she has in her own bank account.

We laughed it off though, but throughout the rest of the lecture, I was carried away. My only concern was for the lecture to end so that I could ask the girl some simple questions.

Finally the lecture has ended and I went straight to the girl, she was about taking a break. I asked her to give me a little of her time. I sat down and we started a discussion that humiliated my personality.

I first of all asked the girl what she meant when she said “the account her father opened for her?” She told me that her father opened a savings account for her when she was still a baby and since then her father has been depositing #5000 in it every week up till now that she is 22 years, that her father will continue funding the account until she reaches 25 years old.

I asked her what her father’s occupation is. She said she can’t disclose but all I should know is that her father is a business man. I asked her what she does to earn that huge amount of money in her own personal account.

She also said she can’t tell me either, I said okay and left her. I was in total dismay, I was pretty sure I didn’t have up to 100k in own personal account. I broke down and throughout the rest of the day I felt my eyes burning red hot like a volcano. I was filled with anger that I forfeited my last lecture for that day and went home.

When I reached home I did the little math on the amount she would have in her account by the time her father quits funding the account. I came up with a huge value, 6 million Naira in total. Isn’t that amazing?

I started thinking if all parents could do this for their children, we would probably be rich by the time we finished secondary school. No amount is too small to save for your child take for example; if you decide to save #1000 Naira for your child every week until he/she reaches 20 years which is the most common age many children graduate from the secondary school.

Without including the interest savings account gets from bank, he/she would have approximately 1 million Naira. This is even enough to train the child through higher institution in some government owned universities if the child wants to further the education.

Advice for the parents:

To the Daddy’s, that money you want to spend on alcohol save it for your child. It would be a regrettable thing to you that your child, during your old age, he/she will start cursing you for making life so miserable for him/her.

To the Mummy’s, that money you waste on hair, in buying clothes and jewelry that you won’t die it, save it for your child. My people used to say “What tomorrow will be is unpredictable”.

You don’t just increase the population of this planet earth just for the record. That’s why I always recommend parents to give birth to the number of kids they could take care of.

If for example; parents whose weekly income combined is #5000 Naira, such parents do not have to produce more than two offspring. If they do, the strategy of saving enough money for their children won’t work, the children won’t be feeding fine, glory will be to God if they all manage to go to school.

Any parent who is reading this your time starts now. Apply this strategy and trust me your child will live to thank you for that. Any amount at all you can save for them is never too small or too big all that matters is that you did what your best can do for them.

I would be the happiest child ever if my father had done so for me. Nigeria is getting deteriorated every day. You can’t trust securing a job after graduating from the university so it all boils down that you have to find a means to survive and that would be possible if you have the capital to start a business.

Since my parents didn’t do it for me. I have vowed to do it for my own children. It is one of the crucial ways you can help your child. Some of the parents have been doing it. I urge those that have not started to follow in the footsteps of those that have started. See how to open a savings account for your child.

Share this post, let’s make our children suffer the less if at all they have to suffer.

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