How to Restore a Permanently Deleted Folder From a Computer.

It hurts when you mistakenly deleted that folder containing you favorite videos, files, images etc from your computer without even sending them to the recycle bin.

Some people have formed the habit of using ‘Shift+Del’ for deleting their files which will delete the files permanently shall I say.

I have made this mistake once, and then I learnt my lessons. Today I want to show you how you can retrieve any folder you deleted permanently from your computer, just relax and follow the simple steps below.

(Caution: This procedure won’t work if you do not know the name of the deleted folder. If you do not know the name of the folders on your computer, try knowing them now or write them down somewhere, who knows, you might one day mistakenly delete any of them).


  • Create a folder: by right clicking on empty space on your desktop background, a popup menu appears then move your mouse pointer on new. From another popup menu that appears click on folder.
  • Rename the folder to the name of the folder you mistakenly erased and hit enter on keyboard.
  • Right click on the already renamed folder and on the popup menu, select restore previous versions.
  • Select the newest date on the menu that will appear and your deleted folder will start restoring.

NOTE: The renamed name must match the deleted folder’s name before this can work.

If the folder you want to restore contains many files then try doing the restoration when you know you can wait for it because if you start the restoration and didn’t finish it, the renamed folder will contain only the files it has already restored before you exit the restoration progress and at such, when you want to start again, you will be unable to restore the remaining files.

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