• The electric field is measured in…
  • Ans: Newton per coulomb.
  • A region where an electric charge experiences a force is known as…
  • Ans: Electric field.
  • The number of lines of force crossing any closed surface is proportional to the….
  • Ans: Net charge.
  • Electric field is which type of physical quantity..
  • Ans: Vector
  • Electric charge is quantized occurring only in…
  • Ans: Discrete amounts.
  • The direction of the electric field is opposite to that of the force if the charge is…
  • Ans: Negative.
  • Electric flux is a…
  • Ans: Scalar.
  • The number of lines of force crossing any surface depends on the field strength, the orientation of the…..
  • Ans: Surface.
  • Note: Some questions repeated.
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