Experience they say is the best teacher but I used to ask people. Must you learn from experience? Why not learn by observation. Why would you want to experience something before you can actually learn your lessons? Today, I have decided to share with you how to start a meaningful life if you haven’t had one. This message will be particularly useful to those people who spent most of their time on the internet and computer.

If you are new to concept of blogging don’t worry I got you covered. Blogging is no other thing than to write articles, stories, news etc. The most important aspect of blogging is that you get rewarded depending on how professional you go as a blogger.

Now you must be wondering how to become a blogger. For beginners, I will recommend you first of all start with Google BlogSpot. I recommended Google BlogSpot because it is free and also as an inexperienced blogger you have to start with a free blog first. After you must have mastered how to design and manage a blog then you can go ahead and host your own paid blog.

How do you go about starting a free Google blog?

It’s no big deal; it’s just very easy to start a Google blog as far as you have a Gmail account.

  • Log in your Gmail account.
  • At top right corner you will see an icon like square (move your mouse pointer over the icon and the pointer will change to palm. By a way of tooltip it will display Google Apps). Click the icon because that is the icon I am talking about. A menu for Google Apps will show.
  • At the bottoms of the shown menu page click on more to display more Google Apps.
  • Look for blogger and click on it. Blog dashboard will now open in a new tab. Well done you have successfully created your free blog. You can now start designing your blog.

Really, building a blog is a very hectic task. It’s something that demands time and persistence. At first, probably, things might not be going fine with you like getting people to know and visit your blog, problem on what to write that will attract people but I promise you with time you will enjoy the fruit of your labor. It happens to almost everybody. I mean nobody starts a business today and expects to have all the customers in the world. You have to gradually be improving its performance.

After creating the blog what next?

After creating the blog the next thing you will have to do is to give it a name and make your first post. This is what I call test post which you may at last decide to erase. This first post will help you in designing your blog and also you try to upload test image to see how your blog will display it. After designing and you have seen that all you have done are good then you can start making real posts to engage people to read them.

Mistake you should avoid if you want to go professional as a blogger.

Most people use to make this mistake and that is why at some point during their blogging they get frustrated and decide to call it a quit with blogging. Making posts does not necessarily mean you should become a copycat i.e. copying exactly what other people post on their respective websites.


If you want to progress really well as a blogger, you have to make your posts unique, authentic, readable and short. Copying people’s post will not only slow the development of your blog,  it may also lead to temporal or permanent termination of your blog especially if you copy from  well known websites, they can sue you for that, it’s always against terms and conditions.




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