In a land in one time, babies are born with numbers on their chest starting from 1 to 10. Numbers from 7 to 10 are considered as the superior while 5 and 6 are middle class, 4 to 1 are the inferior and they have no voice in the community. Number 7’s only are military personnel. Matic is a very hard working man but he is being bullied a lot because he is 3. One day Matic was returning from farm, he was tired and thus decided to rest by the road side. Two boys who were 6’s walked passed Matic with Matic unaware because he was bending his neck such that his head rests on his knee for a perfect resting position. These two boys being troublesome turned and gave Matic a heavy beating that he almost fainted. Matic woke up later only to notice that he was on a bed, he looked around and it occurred to him that what he’s seeing was definitely not his own room. As he tried to get up from the bed he felt a severe pain all over his body then his memory flashed back to the scene where he incurred a massive beating. While he was still thinking, here comes a beautiful damsel coming towards him from the entrance with a bowl filled with water ‘How do you feel MR…’ “Matic” Matic replied immediately. ‘How did I get here?’ Matic asked.

The beautiful damsel told him how she saw him where he was lying helplessly and brought him home. Thank you MRS… ‘Matha’ the damsel replied.

It didn’t take many days before Matic recovered fully well. Matic later married Matha whose number is 4. Two years later Matha gave birth to a bouncing baby girl with number 0 (Zero), the second person to have number zero (0) during that time with a male child being the other one.

These two children were treated as an outcast until their adult age. The male child’s name was Binfie and the female child’s name was Unitie. Binfie later on went to prison for a crime he did not commit. In prison, Unitie never left him because she likes him and on the other hand, she only associates with him as both of them are zeros.

During Binfie’s stay in the prison he got Unitie pregnant. Unitie later gave birth to a boy with a very unique number (double zeros) ‘what do you expect when two zeros married each other’. On seeing the double zeros everybody bowed down because Matha gave birth to the unseen and unexpected. She gave birth to Infinity. Binfie was released from prison immediately and henceforth, they were respected and honored because they produced a king!

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