After John’s burial, Nina got remarried to one of his boyfriends and she took Josh with him. Josh became an adult under the care of another man who took Josh as his son, but Josh was never happy.

One day, Josh was sleeping his dad; John came to him in the dream and said only three words, avenge my death, and vanished. Immediately josh woke up and started thinking. Should I kill my mother just to please my Dad. No! I won’t do that I am not a murderer. He decided to stop thinking about it for a while then clock’s bell rang. It’s 6 o’clock in the morning. Josh jumped up from the bed, said his morning prayers and started preparing for work. At noon that day Josh went out to eat lunch, on his way to an eatery he ran into a young lady. The young lady’s book that she was carrying fell off and landed inside a nearby gutter. This caused the lady to rain insults on Josh asking him whether he’s blind or just deliberately ran into her. Josh apologized and helped her picked them up from the gutter. I’m Josh, Josh White, what is your name? Josh asked. I don’t have a name, the lady replied snatching her books from Josh’s hand and she walked away.

Josh didn’t take it personal until the next morning he woke up and everything that had happened between him and the young lady came new in his mind. He deliberated on it and said to himself. “Did she insult me that bad?” Oh! My gosh! And I did nothing Josh you’re such a jerk. He said to himself. Women are really ugly creature and I have to deal with them maybe by so doing I will avenge my father’s death. Obviously, if not for the way my mother had treated my father, he would probably still be alive. I know what to do. Clock’s bell rang. It’s 6 o’clock in the morning josh did his usual morning routine work and set off for work.

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