Josh and Sandra now became best of friends. They hang out together, chat, eat and even sleep together. To cut it short they are now lovers. To josh this is a good start to achieving his goal. Josh thinking from all angles knew that he will definitely lose his job after he must have achieved what he wants,  so he started looking for job.

After 3 months of relationship with Sandy. Sandy now has a solid feeling for Josh and even brought up conversation one day how she would like to be Josh’s mother of unborn children. Josh knowing that he is not taking the relationship to another level changed the topic.

Josh’s objective is hit and run but it seems like Josh won’t do it because he had already got what he wanted, the only thing remaining is for him to call off the relationship but he couldn’t.

“Now that I have sandy’s heart, I want to break it but I can’t. Sandy has been showing me true love. A love I have only got from my beloved dad, a love that my so called mother wouldn’t even think of showing me. I can’t do this to her. She might die and if that happens, her blood will be on my head and I wouldn’t want that to happen. In fact let me tell myself the truth, I love her too. As he was still talking to himself somebody knocked the door. Who is that? Josh shouted. It’s me Sandy. Oh, I am coming. How are you Sandy? Josh asked. I’m fine and you my love? Sandy asked. Fine too, said Josh.

Sandy, I have a confession to make, said Josh. What is that my love, asked sandy.

Josh held Sandy’s cheeks kissed her and said to her “do you really love me?”

Oh! Baby of course I do love you more than you can ever imagine and I am willing to die loving you, Sandy said in a very loving voice. And why do you ask? She asked.

Sandy I never knew our relationship is going to go this far. Actually my objective was to use you and dump you when you needed me the most but you have showed me true love and I love you too so I couldn’t do it. I have seen that women are not ugly creature like I thought before now.

Sandy from the depth of my heart I want you to be my wife, will you marry me. Josh said kneeling with one knee. Sandra burst into tears immediately; she rushed outside and drove away in her car. Josh was disappointed and frustrated. He didn’t know what to do; after some minutes he entered his own car and followed Sandra.

While in the car driving josh felt like cursing himself badly. What have I done to myself? The only woman I have in my life now wants to leave me, no I can’t let that happen, he said to himself. On the process Josh not noticing that the traffic light had turned red for those coming from his direction and opposite direction, drove cross the junction, a trailer coming from the road with traffic light green hit his car. (To be continued).

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