Josh! Josh! Somebody tapped Josh on the back to wake him up. Josh turned to see who it was. Mum it’s you said Josh. Yes it’s me said Josh’s mum. Josh I have something I have to tell you. Mum can’t it wait till day break because it’s 1:27 a.m. said Josh. Josh no! It can’t wait because it’s urgent. I will be travelling today with your step dad, we are going on a vacation and you know you can’t come with us because of your job she said. Josh didn’t have anything to say, he went back to sleep, his mum called him but he refused to answer her so she left his room. The day broke and Josh went to his mum “good morning mum, mum about what you told me earlier this morning, are you really going on that vacation with him and why didn’t you tell me since but that’s by the way. Josh said. Yes of course, is there a problem with that she asked Josh. No, not at all and it’s today right? Josh asked his mum. Yes it’s today,  she replied. May I ask where exactly are you going, I mean which town, country, state and how long are you going to stay there? Josh asked. We are going to Dubai but I don’t really know how long we are going to stay but we are going to stay really long. She replied. Okay then safe journey, let me go and get ready for work. They hugged each other and Josh left.

In his room, Josh said to himself “finally she is going but in as much as I try to hate my mum, I keep on loving her I don’t want her out of my sight although she doesn’t care for me but she is the only one I have now nevertheless, it’s just a vacation let her go and let me learn to be without her for a while. Now I will start my game afresh. Who is the opponent, Miss Sandra or sandy whatever. I will use her and dump her and do the same to any girl that comes my way. I will break their hearts into pieces let them feel what my dad felt as a result of what my mum did to him”. He prepared for work and left. Light fades.

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