Everywhere turned dark for Josh before he passed out. He was rushed to nearest hospital around the place where he woke up after 5day coma. He woke up only to see that Sandra, his mum and his step dad were all present. “Yes I will marry you Josh, please get well for me. I didn’t mean for all of this to happen.  I left out of anger. I am sorry please forgive me”, Sandra said while holding Josh’s hand crying.

Josh’s mother moved to the other side of the bed held her son’s other hand and started crying too.

“My son I came as soon as I heard you had an accident. Please don’t leave me; you are everything that I have. I am sorry for not being there for you when you needed me, I am sorry for everything I did to your dad, every time I look at you I see my late husband. I hope he forgives me for I now regret ever treating him the way I did. Please son forgive me I will never leave you again and I promise to love you like a good mother but please don’t die” Josh’s mother lamented.

Son however your mother or I might have treated you please find it in your heart to forgive us for we were lost in darkness but now we have seen the light and we need family reunion, said his step dad.

Four months later Josh recovered and got discharged from the hospital. The next month he got married to Sandra. Josh, his mother, his step father and his wife all went to the graveyard where MR White was buried. Mrs. White apologized to his husband for everything she did to him, they dropped their flowers.

Mrs. White and her son hugged each other and she said to him. My child, tell me you have forgiven me right in front of your dad’s grave. I have forgiven you mum, I love you mum, I have forgiven you. Said Josh in tears. Immediately Josh’s wife and his step dad excused them and Mrs. White and her son bid the last goodbye to Mr. White saying “You will always be in our heart”

They all went home in harmony because to each and every one of them everything now appears new. Later that night while Josh was asleep his dad came to his dream and said to him “Thank you son you have avenged my death”

Josh and his newly married wife went for their honeymoon in Dubai and they lived happily ever after.



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